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Name: Chris Rid
Date of Birth: June 7th 1984
Adress: Markdorf / Baden-W├╝rttemberg
Hobbies: Stuntriding, Stuntriding, Stuntriding, Motorcycle repair and reconstruction, Snowboarding
Trained Occupation: Kfz-Meister (Motor-Vehicle Master Craftman's Diploma)
Stunt Bikes: Ninja ZX-6R 636E 30th Anniversary Edition, Kawasaki ZX-6R 636B

This is a story of a life on two wheels, not always with both on the ground, but not completely off either. This is the story of Chris Rid, Freestyle- Stunt-Rider from Markdorf on the Bodensee.

As a child Chris was already riding bikes without motor power, and later on his older sister's moped. Chris always pushed his bikes to the limit. Next he began off-roading, where at the age of 15 he began to plow the earth with his Motocross Machine. This digging in the dirt lost his interest quickly and he began to challenge himself more with ramps and jumps. Freestyle-Motocross was his first accomplishment, though not quite the right goal for this boy from Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

Chris Pfeiffer, recurring world champion in Stuntriding, was not only his idol because of their shared name. This young Moto-Maniac was also inspired by the Freestyle-Scene from the United States and its videos on the internet which amazed him.

Wheelies were just the beginning. In 2007 he began including riding on the back wheel in his training program. Everything with two wheels could also be ridden on one. Chris has spent every free minute since practicing his tricks, refining his talent and rigging his stunt bikes with his own hands. Chris builds his bikes to fit the requirements of Freestyle Stuntriding. Power and Balance: Freestyle Stuntriding - Chris can always be found attending more events, international competitions, and performing in showacts. This Stunt-RIDer is largely a part of the 'Stunt Scene', having arrived in the midst of his idols. He dances with his machine to the sound of the exhaust.

But this is just the beginning. Chris Rid pushes it to the limit!

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